Research Papers

  • Kim, H., Park, J. and Kwon, C., 2024. A Neural Separation Algorithm for the Rounded Capacity Inequalities. INFORMS Journal on Computing. Accepted. [paper]

  • Tang, H., Berto, F., Hua, C., Ahn, K., and Park, J.,HiMAP: Learning Heuristics-Informed Policies for Large-Scale Multi-Agent Pathfinding, AAMAS 2024, Accepted. 

  • Berto, F., Hua, C., Park, J., Kim, M., Kim, H., Son, J., Kim, H., Kim, J. and Park, J., 2023, December. RL4CO: a Unified Reinforcement Learning for Combinatorial Optimization Library. In NeurIPS 2023 Workshop: New Frontiers in Graph Learning. [paper] [github]

  • Equity-Transformer: Solving NP-hard Min-max Routing Problems as Sequential Generation with Equity Context. In AAAI 2024, Accepted. [paper]



  • 박진규, 김민준, 박준영, 그래프 인공 신경망 기반의 최적 차량 배송 운용 방법 (Method for optimal vehicle delivery operation based on graph artificial neural network), 특허출원

Papers under review

  • Sobhanan, A., Park, J., Park, J. and Kwon, C., 2023. Genetic Algorithms with Neural Cost Predictor for Solving Hierarchical Vehicle Routing Problems. arXiv preprint arXiv:2310.14157.

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